Sunday, May 29, 2011

I've been ignoring this blog as of late, but so be it ... if I have nothing to share, there's nothing to share. Fuck it. I don't even know if anyone is looking anymore, at least those who might have once so far as I know no longer do, again, so far as I know. If I am wrong, please don't correct me -- I'm more likely to be candid and prompt here if I can actually believe there's no consequences to my actions.

Dig my latest proudest moments:

"Shine That Silver Bullet," written by Jeni Lee Richey, performed by The Great Tribulation, first track off our debut compact disc collection The Flood Brought The Fire. My favorite of our entire repertoire, it feels like everyone on board does what they're best at in service to one of Jeni Lee's greatest songs, captured by my hero Jim Diamond at the legendary Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI.

"Sure As The Rain," written by me, performed by The Great Tribulation, ninth track off our debut compact disc collection The Flood Brought The Fire. The first song I began and finished during this latest (final?) tenure as resident of The Great Lakes State. Easily the longest guitar solo I've ever attempted, let alone completed. Credit where credit is due, this track is recorded by Jim "The Other Jim" Roll at the soon-to-be legendary Backseat Studios in Ann Arbor, MI.

I am currently happy. There is no shortage of stressors, such as my mother's current serious health issues (seriously serious, I'm afraid, but considering the doctors' prognosis and my Mom's indefatigable optimism, I can only expect the best possible outcome at this point -- knock wood for me, if it's nearby, thanks), and it's not like I love my fucking job, but I've known so much worse, I really have no space to complain for now. I'm fighting some medication withdrawals and typical seasonal mood shifts, but for the most part I am essentially sane ... it's a fairly beautiful world these days, despite the nagging ugliness of the past and the potential chaos of the future.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dig The Gentleman's Club ... if you had told me twenty years ago that I would end up in a band with Norm Fuckin' Zebrowski, I would've been thrilled. If you had told me ten years ago, I might have wept. But these days it all seems utterly obvious that I'd be back in a Lansing living room off Michigan Avenue (better known these days as "the Green Mile" for the surprising plethora of medical marijuana dispensaries) knocking out blues riffs for Norm's cantankerous poems. It's still very much in the project zone, but we did step out last weekend to play a Dylan cover for a theme party at a local art gallery -- I think getting Norman Bates to sing "Lay Lady Lay" in public is one of my greatest artistic achievements, so thanks again Ed for the canvas. We're joined by old pal Matthew Bour on guitar, still working up songs to figure out exactly what it is we're doing, but it's always good to have an excuse to drive to Lansing.

I also did two songs with Mark Lansing and a take on "Diamonds and Rust" (the Judas Priest version, counts only because it's about Dylan) with Jen Green, the latest End Times vocalist. I propped up the sign and made it official ... going back to Backseat tonight to mix and to edit the new single, which I expect to be ready by the end of the summer, and then I'm hoping to con Jen into putting on a true End Times performance at some suitable venue (gallery, theater, nothing with an operational television set).

Also, The Great Tribulation officially announce the release of our debut CD The Flood Brought The Fire, available now in digital form with physical copies ready in time for our June 17 gig at Woodruff's in Ypsilanti. Rumor is we'll have t-shirts too ...

The new job with Prime Research is perfectly adequate, but I'm definitely due for a health kick ... I've ballooned to 250 lbs, haven't shaved in weeks (strangely the only thing that grows aside from my sideburns is a huge 1890s-style moustache), my hair is down to my shoulders but I never wash it, for some reason my feet have shrunk down about two shoe sizes and I think I've developed x-ray vision (but not enough to make it worth while). So once the rainy season ends, maybe I'll start walking to work ...