Thursday, May 31, 2012

The mass murder that occurred in a Seattle cafe yesterday took place somewhere I am very familiar with ... The End Times played many times at Cafe Racer circa 2007/2008, I lived nearby in the Greenlake neighborhood and it was a convenient stop any time I was walking to Scarecrow Video or the music store next door. I do not know the victims, nor could I claim to be a regular in the same way they were, but the events disturb me deeply regardless. Racer is indeed a warm, welcoming space, and as many others have said, the last place you'd expect sudden violence to erupt. I experienced many triumphs as well as minor agonies there, and to have this happen somewhere so important to my own past development is jarring.

My sympathies to the friends/family of the victims and the employees/management of Cafe Racer, who now have the overwhelming task of carrying on. I suppose there's nothing left to say. I feel numb and alone.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goodnight, Donna. The On The Radio compilation LP was a favorite of mine circa age 13 ... I still have my original copy (plus poster). Probably haven't spun it since the 1980s, but I can recall every note to this day. That is all.