Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here's one track from the upcoming End Times 7" vinyl single (BSH-003), due this Fall 2011. The song is by Scott Sendra, the artist behind down mf ... this was an ELHC standard in the mid-90s when I was bassing in The Apollo Nine, I've always loved this song and wanted to resurrect it in some fashion, so here's my shot. Personnel includes me on guitars, Jennifer Green on vocals and John Nipper on percussion and piano. Recorded by Brook Davis at Backseat Productions in A2 MI. If all goes well (as it usually does), I ought to have this in hand by October.

The Great Tribulation has been spending our summer in the woodshed, prepping new songs and rediscovering our identity. Next gig is September 24th at the Lager House in Detroit with Doop and The Inside Outlaws.

Is that you? I miss you.