Thursday, February 25, 2010

I posted this once on my old blog, but I'm giving it a rerun because that's just how I feel. Possibly the greatest photo ever.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sadly, I'm probably going to miss a couple of these fine screenings at the Burton in Detroit, but that doesn't mean I can't encourage all land-locked Michiganders from making the scene. Nail Gun Massacre on the big screen is gonna be particularly mind-bending. All hail Synapse Films.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bleeding Skull is back, with a broader focus than the purely anarchic trash-horror slant that initially beguiled me ... after two years away (thanks to some "personal tragedy" that may have informed one BS writer's musical output -- although perhaps I am extrapolating) Bleeding Skull returns not only to unearth the most eccentric and surreal gore/slasher art but also to examine the outre in other non-horror spheres, and I celebrate this development. Budnik and Ziemba never look down in scorn at the sublimely ridiculous works they encounter, but they don't whitewash trash either, a difficult tightrope walk to accomplish (and I know, I've tried it). Check out this piece on my favorite director, Doris Wishman, a review of Something Weird's Indecent Desires/My Brother's Wife double feature ... I thought I had laid down the last word on that particular pairing when I covered the DVD for Resonance Magazine some five years ago, but when it comes to Doris, there's always something more to say.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My grandmother's birthday was this past weekend. Esther Beldin (nee Griswold) turned 95 on Sunday and we visited her at her new home in Dowling, MI. She lived for decades in Florida, but circumstance requires her to be closer to family. She still looks exactly the same as she does here, so if any of you are wondering how I do it, well, here's your answer. Good genes.

My old man made a very cool slide show of 20th century photos in celebration, so if you're a relative or creepy stalker type (the line between the two is thin sometimes), you can check it out here. Please ignore the few pictures of me looking very uncomfortable around my family, they are situational and definitely not evidence of deep psychological problems.

PS. I really ought to point out this awesome photo of my late paternal grandfather as well.

I am lucky enough to have inherited my great hair and interest in music from both grandfathers, Beldin as well as Storz. Grandpa Beldin taught himself the chord organ in his retirement years and had deliciously wavy hair as a youth ... Grandpa Storz taught himself trombone so he could play along with his beloved big band swing records in the 1950s and still has a full, beautiful head of white hair to this day. Both of them were smokers but quit in their middle age and beat the odds by continuing to live into their 90s. I am truly blessed, genetically anyhow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On sale now. Free MP3s will be taken down from the official website tonight. Vinyl copies of THESE ARE THE END TIMES are $15 postpaid in the USA, contact me at for details. Currently available at Flat, Black and Circular in East Lansing, MI. If you think you're due a complimentary copy, just hold your horses, they'll be shipped out this week.

Let's see what happens next ...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My stepfather Roger is the interim Clayton Township supervisor, and his civic-minded reign generated this article ... as usual, the only people worth voting for don't really want the job. Congratulations on being recognized, regardless.

BSH-002 LP covers are here. I just spent 8 hours assembling 500 records (518 to be exact, there was an overrun). Tyson, I'm on it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday was my first volunteer shift at the 826 Michigan Robot Repair & Supply Store ... while it might be odd for a person like me who hates children, retail, education and jobs that don't pay any money to affiliate himself with such an august organization, it's actually part of my brain therapy to expose myself to situations that might cause me discomfort (or discomfort to others) in order to break through the various walls I've built to shield me from the threat of enjoying life. Manning the register in the gift shop is one thing, I am still a bit intimidated about the prospect of serving as one of their after-school tutors. I mistakenly thought that 826 was strictly a writing workshop for kids, something I would feel perfectly competent being a part of, but the tutors actually help students with whatever kind of homework they might be bringing to the table, meaning I could be called upon to assist in various mathematical or scientific questions that I could never comprehend or care to comprehend the first time around. I've been assured by 826 brass that having no knowledge or skills in these areas won't detract from my usefulness, and although I'm still skeptical, I'm hoping that after a week or two in the store and watching the process from a close distance I'll finally find the gumption to try a little tutoring myself. Hey, as long as it doesn't interfere with band practice ...
Speaking of Jim Diamond ... there is a website bearing his name that sells assorted personal products, condoms and nitrous oxide. He swears it's a coincidence.