Monday, August 29, 2016

Evidence circa 7.2016 that The End Times persists ... material enough for a double LP exists in coded form, but until certain demands are met we remain in crisis. This is yet another potential apocalypse, a dangerous possibility, a probable disaster, a palpable warning of grave proportions.  These desperate times plead for reckless, foolhardy intervention, no less than a revolution not simply of deed, not merely intent, but utter immolation of this decadent infrastructure we call "civilization" ... until we can gather without scrutiny, blaze without smoke or fire, argue without rancor, make love without boundaries and erect the effigies of our bidding, then there is no music, and our actions will remain reaction, our efforts remain ephemeral, our demands recorded duly for time and unearned nostalgia to parse in quiet isolation.

Heed not my bitterness. You are more than that. There are fat geese on the horizon ...

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