Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump wants to jail flag burners. His recent announcement via Twitter (I can't remember what they call it when someone posts on that website, and I'd rather not be reminded) seems to be another random declaration, as if he believes all a president has to do is make his will be known and it shall be so.

My stance has always been that if I spend my hard-earned money on an American flag, then I can do whatever I want with it. Wear it like a cape, fold it up and stick it in my trunk for emergencies, use it as a sheet on my son's bed, spray paint my name on it and hang it in the window ... along with all of these acceptable uses for a flag, it should also be legal to burn it for either symbolic effect or just for the hell of it, because something's gotta burn and that's all that's handy.

It's a free speech issue, and hardly a pressing one at that. Possibly one more calculated outrage meant to distract people from more important problems? Like our President-Elect's extreme conflict-of-interest issues regarding his vast yet opaque international business investments and his already transparent intention to use the office to his financial advantage? Or one of the many other more serious problems (which I don't have time to number right now) surrounding his impending coronation? Like how he's so unprepared for the job that the outgoing President has to train him, easily among the lowest points in American democracy (OK, that's the last one, I have a lot to do today)?

My suggestion is that this random salvo is strategic. Thanks to the Truth Revolt website for the graphic.

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